Monday, December 12, 2022

Queen of Maharlika Appoints Jordan Bowen of Poland as the Royal Legal Advisor and Spokesperson of the Royal Maharlika

Jordan Nirankari-Bowen, a distinguished law graduate and accomplished lawyer, heads a thriving international law firm, fortified by his extensive expertise in the global arena. His previous service at the United Nations and advisory roles in numerous embassies attest to his commitment to international diplomacy. Beyond his legal practice, Jordan is a multifaceted entrepreneur, overseeing several businesses across Europe and holding positions within charitable organizations on both national and regional levels. As a philanthropist, he often engages in volunteering, believing that social service and selfless acts are essential to remaining humble and levelheaded.

During his time in Poland, Jordan dedicated himself to supporting refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan, assisting them in finding emergency and long-term accommodation. He was deeply committed to this mission, even suspending his business activities to continue his support. Despite having lived overseas in India, Korea, and Qatar, Jordan is now based in Poland, where his belief in equality between all genders, ethnicities, and religions remains unwavering.

Rooted in his family's history and deep spiritual beliefs, Jordan is guided by moral foundations and values that drive him to serve the Royal House and the people of the Sultanate of Maguindanao with honesty and faithfulness. He is passionate about upholding the principles, values, and cultural traditions of the Royal House and vows to continue serving and defending it with unwavering dedication.